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Nokia Upcoming Technology 2018 : Patent, Brand and Technology


Nokia is not only Smartphone Company. It works much technology that is related Networking, Innovation, Health, Varietal reality or more. Nokia Technologies develops advanced consumer and professional technology products in digital world environment, digital health and digital media and licenses. It works with industry-leading innovations as well as the Nokia brand for mobile devices. Nokia Upcoming Technology 2018 based on future technologies like VR, OZO and 5G.

  • Increased focus on digital health and brand and technology licensing balanced with optimized investments in virtual reality
  • Planned changes expected to impact Nokia Technologies employees mainly in Finland, the US and the UK
  • Nokia’s successful patent licensing business is not in scope of planned changes
  • Nokia Upcoming Technology 2018

Nokia focuses on patent, brand and technology licensing and targets faster growth in digital health with sharpened strategy for Nokia Technologies : Nokia Upcoming Technology 2018

Last Month News Nokia says it will stop development of its OZO virtual reality camera, leading to 310 job losses in Finland, the US, and the UK. The company says the change is due to the slower-than-expected development of the VR market, and that it will instead focus on patent licensing and digital healthcare.

Two years ago Nokia announced the OZO camera system / hardware and positioned it as a high-end option for filmmakers to capture 360-degree video. The camera originally sold for $60,000, though the price was eventually cut to $45,000.

This Time company going for other big technologies.


Nokia Upcoming Technology 2018

Top Projects of Nokia Upcoming Technology 2018

  •  Health Solutions Can Unlock $300 to $ 450 Billion In Value By 2018
  • 5 G technology, trials are scheduled to begin in 2018
  • Ozo VR development
  • Work in Future X Network


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