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Nokia launches ReefShark chipsets for 5G networks performance


Nokia has unveiled its new ReefShark chipsets, which leverage in-house silicon expertise to dramatically reduce the size, cost and power consumption of operators’ networks and meet the massive compute and radio requirements of 5G.

According to Nokia 30 operators are already using ReefShark. It wants to further shipping in volume will occur during the third quarter of 2018.

Nokia works with 5G technology and wants to reduce power consumption. Nokia says its new 5G ReefShark chipset triples capacity to 84Gbps, up from current chipsets’ top speed of 28Gbps.

Nokia’s ReefShark chipsets for 5G networks performance

Nokia's ReefShark chipsets
Nokia’s ReefShark chipsets

About the Nokia ReefShark chipsets

  • Incorporate leading system design
  • It works with nanometer chip technology
  • Decrease massive MIMO antenna size by half
  • 64% reduction in power consumption in the baseband unit.

What is AirScale?

AirScale is software upgradeable to full 5G functionality and these plug-in units triple throughput from Nokia’s already market-leading 28 Gbps today, to up to 84 Gbps per module.

It is a next-generation complete radio access generation of Nokia’s, designed to meet future needs.

“Nokia has created a clear competitive advantage. Its combination of power, intelligence and efficiency make it ideally suited to be at the heart of fast arriving 5G networks.” said CTO of Nokia Mobile Networks and head of R&D Foundation Henri Tervonen

Nokia’s announcement comes as carriers ramp up 5G plans. AT&T plans to be one of the first US carriers to roll-out 5G, aiming to reach 12 markets by the end of 2018.


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