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Nokia Android Phone Boot Loaders, Nokia 8 Unlocking First


China Company HMD Global are looking to unlock their Nokia Smartphone bootloaders “one model at a time”.  Nokia Android Phone Boot Loaders is Nokia promise was last month.

Last Month Nokia saying we are working bootloader, this time Nokia Said:” We reported that HMD Global was considering unlocking the bootloader of the Nokia 8.”

Nokia Android Phone Bootloaders, Nokia 8 Unlocking First

Nokia Android Phone Boot Loaders

HMD has a change of heart it seems after lots of request from enthusiasts, who would love to get their Nokia Android Phone Bootloader

This is exciting news for enthusiasts who want to tweak or root their phones, and we’ve received further confirmation today.

Nokia Android Smartphone list

Nokia 3, Nokia Android 5, Nokia Android 6 and Nokia Android 8

Nokia Android Phone Bootloaders
Android Phone Bootloaders

As documented Last month, HMD Global seem to want to go back on their previous commitment to keeping bootloaders of their Nokia Android line-up locked. They are that reply that time when team promotion of smartphone.

While these tweets have helped to ease the burden of relentless criticism from enthusiasts that was bearing down upon HMD Global, many questions are yet to be answered. While many are also hoping for HMD to provide kernel sources for the devices.

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