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HMD Launching Nokia 3310 4G with high internet devices


Nokia First GSM mobile phone announced in September 2000. After Launched Nokia sold more than 125 million models. Last year Nokia has launched its upgrade version Nokia 3310 with the beautiful colorful look and attractive keypad icons. Nokia 3310 4G is budget range devices and comes 3 different version use to requirement.

This time HMD and Nokia making Android-based Nokia smartphone. Nokia 2 was Nokia’s first phone

The Nokia 3310 4G has now been officially launched in China and will be releasing in China next month. It will come MWC 2018. Nokia launched new phone Nokia 3310 phone with same features as Nokia 3310 2G and 3G.

HMD launched new Nokia 3310 4G with high internet Devices

Nokia 3310 4G Launched
Nokia 3310 4G Launched

Nokia 3310 4G running Nokia’s Series 30+ operating system and 1200 mAh battery provide 20 hr backup.

Nokia 3310 4G comes with a 2.4-inch QVGA display, a 2-megapixel camera back camera. It comes with 512 MB storage and even a microSD slot with more 32 GB.

Nokia 3310 in Warm Red Color
Nokia 3310 in Warm Red Color

In Nokia 3310 HMD has even included a modern Snake game on the handset just to play on the nostalgia. When Nokia first launched the 2017 edition of the 3310, I wrote a story explaining why it should be a 4G smartphone.

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