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What is Android Go OS: About and Features


What is Android Go OS: About and Features

 Android Go is a powerful online experience for entry-level smartphones. It is also Know for the lighter version of Google apps like Maps, Google Maps Go, to the Play Store. Go run smoothly on devices and support the limited memory of smartphone.

It is brand new apps designed for lighter updates and downloads for Android Oreo Go version. Android Go make them run better on lesser hardware like the low power of RAM and lowset internal memory.

Android Go apps
All apps come with Go Version

Android Go OS provide a lot of features with smartphones a single window or tab like your current location, real-time traffic updates, directions, health, notes or reminders, as well as bus, train, and city transit information.

Features of Android Go (Android Oreo)

Features of Android Go
Features of Android Go

More Storage

  • Less than 2GB operating system Size

Battery performance

Everything is light version and secure. Google includes with GO Battery Pro for battery performance. Battery saver include power saving modes, smart saving, toggle control, power testing, charge boost, system junk cleaning, daily power consumption report etc

Data Saving 

  • Apps get to use your data on running time application.


  • It will provide secure data and apps safe, 24/7. Over 2 billion devices scanned daily and provide security.

Apps Developer

Easly design and use all application with light version experience.

Advantage and Disadvantage

Android Go Features and Advantage/ Disadvantage
Features and Advantage/ Disadvantage


  1. High-Speed performance (15-20% faster the regular version of Android Oreo)
  2. Consume lowest memory or RAM (1 GB of RAM) to make them run better on lesser hardware.
  3. Light version of Applications
  4. Hold more media and apps out of the box
  5. Lighter version of all application
  6. Android Go is an open source OS system
  7. 50% less storage space overall than the regular versions 
  8. Google Assistant Go(personal Assistantante)


  1. Data Saver won’t work if you’re on secure pages
  2. Data Saver won’t work in Incognito mode
  3. Many time location does not mention properly.  
  4. The application is lighter so cost to functionality

Which device support Android Go

Android Go (Oreo version) powerful experience for entry-level smartphones. All entry-level smartphone will run on Android Go Operating System devices. It is lighter version OS so many low cast Price smartphone uses this application.

Nokia Smartphone which Comes Android Go

Nokia one (Nokia 1 ) is the first smartphone of Nokia and HMD Global. Android-based lowest Price smartphone Nokia 1 runs on Android Go or Android one OS.

HMD Global upcoming smartphone Nokia 7 Plus is another smartphone of Nokia which runs same Android Version.

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